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The Hidez Greyhound Compression Suit is at the cutting edge of compression therapy designed to apply a controlling external pressure to each muscle group, providing significant benefits to racing and retired greyhound.


So how does it benefit your greyhound?


When wearing the Hidez Compression Suit even the most agitated greyhound has been found to calm down significantly to the extent that most would prefer the lie down and relax than exhaust their energy levels by pacing and jumping around. Greyhound trainers are fully aware of the importance of their animal conserving energy before its race.


The Hidez Compression Suit promotes increased blood flow around the body which will allow more red and white blood cells, oxygen, vitamins and minerals to reach each muscle group vitally ensuring all muscle groups on your racing greyhounds are effectively warmed-up before racing without any increase in your greyhound’s core temperature.


When wearing the Hidez Greyhound Compression Suit your greyhound will posse increased endurance as a result of  by conserving energy pre-race.


Injured greyhounds will benefit from increased blood flow, ensuring vital injury repairing vitamins, minerals and white blood cells are continually arriving at the site of the injury quicker and in higher concentration. Whilst removing the associated acids and toxins from the body quicker. This helps your greyhound to repair injuries faster with less swelling and return to the race track earlier than anticipated.