The small print

• The buyer is the biggest bidder and if any dispute shall arise the lot can, at the discretion of the auctioneer, be put up again and resold. All lots are offered subject to the right to fix a reserve price and the bidding will advance in the sum named by the auctioneer.


• Buyers are to state names and addresses and all lots paid for (by cash, credit or debit cards) on the day of the sale. Any lot not paid for may, at the discretion of the auctioneer, be resold by auction, or private contract, and if the price on such resale be lower than the price agreed by the owner, the buyer shall then be liable for the difference in price.


• Every lot shall on the fall of the hammer be considered as delivered to the buyer (subject to paragraph 2) and nothing shall prevent the auctioneer or seller from compelling the buyer with all expenses incurred by them between the date of the sale and the date of the payment.


• The seller is solely responsible for any errors or descriptions or for any warranty and the auctioneer has the right to recover and receive the full amount of purchase money from the purchaser without prejudice to any right the buyer may have against the seller for any misrepresentation or break of warranty unless the sale is cancelled in accordance with paragraph 5


• The auctioneer or his servants will not be liable or the loss, death, disease, illness, damage or injury of or to any greyhound however it may have been caused, even though it may be negligence of the auctioneer, their servants or agents or any person for whose actions may be thought responsible.


• No warranty or guarantee is given in respect for any lots sold unless expressly stated in the catalogue or announced by the auctioneer at the time of the sale.


• All lots sold as they stand unless expressly announced at the time of sale


• All greyhounds entered will take part in pre-sale trials unless the trials are cancelled owing to unforeseen circumstances. The sales will, or may, go on at the discretion of the auctioneers under the same conditions of sale. All greyhounds will be examined by the veterinary surgeon before and after the said trials, or any greyhound to be unfit may be withdrawn at the discretion of the auctioneer.


• All lots must be paid for before removal from the stadium, whether sold or not they must be removed directly after or during the sale.


• 5 per cent commission plus VAT (VAT applicable to commission only) will be added to the sale price of all lots sold.


• At the request of the buyer the name and address of the seller will be given and in case of a dispute the remedy of the buyer shall be against the seller, not the auctioneer or their servants who are to be regarded as agent s for disclosed.


• The starting bid for any greyhound will be minimum of 350 guineas.


• If any greyhound fights within 21 days of being purchased at any GBGB track monies will be refunded as long as accompanied by a letter from GBGB Racing Manager from the track where the indiscretion took place.


• Misrepresentation (see paragraph 4) will be considered grounds for sale to be cancelled only if the ICC book is not available on the day of the sales. Intending purchasers are advised that the acceptance by the GBGB for the registration of any greyhound offered in this catalogue is subject to the greyhound being eligible for registration under the rules of racing.



TRADITIONAL bidding at the auction venue will be the only way to purchase a greyhound at our sales at the current time but we have plans to introduce remote bidding, by phone and via the Internet, in the coming months.

Bidding will be conducted in guineas (21 shillings - £1.05 in decimalised currency) and the highest bid on the fall of the gavel will be considered the winning bid.

At future sales, it is expected that phone bidding will be available. To place a bid by phone clients will be asked for confirmation of their identity, address and to lodge the amount they wish to bid with AIGS 48 hours before the start of the sale. Credit will not be extended.

Ultimately, we expect to be in a position for clients to bid for our greyhounds from every corner of the world via the internet. It will mean clients can watch the trials as they happen via our live streaming and engage and participate in the bidding via the website.

Bidding Options